Review – TumbleSeed

Reviewed by Jon Layola

TumbleSeed – Action, Adventure

Developed by Team TumbleSeed

Published by aeiowu

Available on: PS4, Switch PC, Mac

Who will enjoy this game?

Fans who enjoy Rogue like games, Marble Madness

TumbleSeed is a roguelike game where you try to guide the TumbleSeed to the top of the mountain.  Let me tell you that this game is quite challenging for such a simple goal.  What you have control of is a platform that the TumbleSeed balances on.  You would use both of the analog sticks by moving them up or down which then controls the platform of the respective side you are moving.  As you are moving the platform the TumbleSeed rolls down to the lower point of the platform depending on how the platform is tilting, and there you have TumbleSeed.

I have died countless times, have become furious, and even rage quit a lot, but I find myself coming back to see if I can manage to beat my last score of how much higher can I get to.  There’s even an online scoreboard that keeps track of your progress as well as see how high everyone else has gone for the day or even globally.  That alone makes me want to keep playing the game to at least stay in the top spot, well at least in the top 20.  

Starting off in the game you begin on the bottom of the mountain and you start off with 3 hearts.  You begin in a town where there are NPC’s who you can interact with by chatting with them.  Some of them may also provide a quest that you can complete.  At the top of the town is a spring that launches your TumbleSeed over the wall where you can begin your journey to the top of the mountain.  This area is filled with lots of holes where you can fall in and a various amount of enemies.  Guiding the TumbleSeed is quite difficult with the platform when you have to avoid from falling in the holes, but when you add enemies who are in your way or even heading straight for you it becomes challenging.  Each attack or falling in a hole loses a heart piece and if you fell at a high distance without hitting a check point be prepared to curse out loud as you watch more heart pieces disappear and eventually resulting TumbleSeed’s death.  Luckily there are different TumbleSeeds that you can guide.  

There are four main TumbleSeeds that are available from the start.  The first is able to set checkpoints, the second is able to gain barrier shields, the third gains heart pieces, and the fourth plants seeds to earn crystals.  The crystals are needed in order to use that TumbleSeed’s ability.  In the game there are symbols of an eye that are scattered around in the game and you would have your TumbleSeed land on and it would use their designated ability.  Having crystals are key to use the ability and the way you would get them is either picking the ones up from the ground or by killing enemies thus dropping crystals.  

There are more than just the four main TumbleSeeds, but you have to unlock them by falling down a hatch with the eye symbol on it.  That hatch appears to be the halfway mark of the enemy and hole filled battle areas.  There will be two TumbleSeeds you can choose from and it is your choice to pick the one you want.  Once you pick your TumbleSeed the other become unavailable.  After picking your new TumbleSeed is there is an area where you can test out and try out the ability to see if you like it and more importantly learn how to use it.  In that area you are given unlimited crystals and lives so you won’t have to worry about using your  own crystals or dying.

The roguelike feature of this game is that the stages are randomly generated so it won’t give you the same course providing you an difficult time each play through.  The way to play is to take your time and slowly guide the TumbleSeed avoiding the holes, but be careful because when an enemy is heading straight for you you’ll start to panic losing your momentum causing you to either fall or get attacked straight on.

I’ve really enjoyed TumbleSeed and do plan on continuing my journey to the top of the mountain, which I do hope to reach some day, but fear I might never make it and never completing the game.  The developers have made a wonderful, colorful game that is addicting and I applaud that.  If you enjoy roguelike games that give you a challenge definitely check this game out because it is easy to pick up and you’re even able to play it in small bursts.  


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